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This is a wiki dedicated to help all those struggling players of the smartphone game Beat Fever.


General Tips and Tricks Edit

  • On event bosses/waves, use the x2.8 multiplier. For me, 12 stamina used throughout the event without multiplier = 1830 trophies, with multiplier = 3362. This is because of the extremely low amount of trophies regular event songs give, which we are compelled to perform to face bosses/waves.
  • Catch monsters that appear in wave events if you don't feel like performing regular songs. They also count for the bosses countdown,except if you fail.
  • Salvage those 2 stars and above monsters you don't need for anything instead of feeding them to stronger monsters, you'll get essences you can use to get new, better monsters.
  • Never buy shards, you'll spend a lot of gold and end up with an inventory full of useless, unfinished monsters.
  • Have six different teams for the six different colours, your scores will be much greater if you do this.
  • Wave events have 5 songs of 4 different colours. Find the repeated colour and use that team when facing waves, you'll get better scores.
  • Watch videos in IronSource to get gems. You can find them in the bottom of the gem store. (IronSource temporarily disabled in some devices)
  • If you don't buy gems, use them to buy space in your monster inventory, activate the special monsters machine and unlocking some zodiac signs. No other use is recommended.
  • Try to get high in the event rankings, you'll get special grabs for getting powerful monsters.

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